Thursday, January 7, 2010

Its All About the Pumpkins!

Bryan/College Station is freckled with several local treasures. One such gem that we just love is The Farm Patch. They are a cross between the produce department at a grocery store and a farmers market. Each fall they go all out, setting up tons of fun festive things for the family to come out and enjoy. There are several decorated areas for the kids to pick out their pumpkins, lots of beautiful mums and other fall plants to pick from, and a hay bale maze for all to go through. My little family goes each year and has a ball! This year, we waited to share our local treasure with Gammie and Poppy. I think they enjoyed it just as much as the kids.
What would be more appropriate to follow up the Farm Patch than a good pumpkin carving session? So we did just that. Ainsley's attention was held just so long before we had to find alternate means of entertaining her...a blow up pool and a walk with Poppy and Daddy. Andrew proved to be quite the carving master as he and Gammie tackled their pumpkin with a pre-fab design kit!

When it was all said and done, we were all very pleasantly surprised with each of our finished products. You never can tell until you see the glow through that carved face!


Susan said...

WOW ...yall did great on your pumpkin carving. Very nice! I love the pictures of Ainsley with the sweet little bow in her hair, not a little baby anymore, but a pretty little girl!!

I can also see that she is missing our summer swimming adventures by getting into yall's pool. Won't be long and we will be there again! :)

Poppy & Gammie said...

and fun was had by all!!!!