Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let the Games Begin!

September 29, 2009
Andrew, ball, Andrew, ball...I am almost convinced the boy came out of the womb with a ball in his hand. He really is not partial about what type of ball, until it comes to baseball. He LOVES playing baseball. His excitement for the sport was only heightened by getting to start t-ball! He was on the Red Sox team. With this being our first team experience, we got to buy his first pair of baseball pants, socks, and belt. What a sight.

Batting, fielding, playing the bases, game strategy...we had it all. Once the season got going, Andrew could not wait to be catcher. All that gear, what boy wouldn't want to try it out. Well, he put on the catcher's mask and he had had enough. That didn't last long. Pitcher and first base were his favorites. No, they didn't pitch, hence the name t-ball...but those 2 positions seemed to see the most ball action. And where there is action, there is where Mr. Andrew wants to be!


Gail said...

FINALLLYYYy - some blogs by momma shields - thought u had falled off the face of aggie land.

Poppy & Gammie said...

So proud of that boy!!!