Friday, May 14, 2010

A Boy and His Passion

Another t-ball season is upon us and we are in full force. Andrew is in his element! To say that the boy loves baseball would be a gross understatement. He is obsessed with the game. If there is the least bit of sunlight, he is asking to be out front playing, having you pitch to him to practice his hitting, or just playing catch.
The spring season started out a bit more exciting than the fall. Apparently fall ball is not as big of a deal. Spring ball kicks off with opening ceremonies held at Olsen Field (the Aggie's baseball stadium). That was way fun for the kids. They got to run the bases and play down on the field before the ceremony kicked off. (hence the collage at the top!). From there, the season was in full swing...

Andrew is on the Mariners this season. It took him a while to get over the fact he is not a Red Sox anymore (his first t-ball team)...a bit confusing for the little ones, the fact that we switch teams every new season. This season started off well. Here is our first game. It kicked off with a good 5 minute down pour, but that didn't stop us. Andrew is number 4!
The kids hit the ball solely off the tee for the first few games, and then started the coach pitch. Each batter gets three pitches. If they are not successful in getting a hit, then they get to try it off the tee. Andrew bats about 50/50...50% of the time hitting it from a pitch and 50% of the time hitting it off the tee. He loves the fact they get to try to hit a pitch. He sure has his hitting routine. He comes up to the plate, hits home plate a few times with the bat, puts the bat up in ready position, looks at the pitcher and nods that he is ready. It is priceless!
It is amazing how much the team improves as the season goes on. They are really starting to understand the game and the strategy behind playing in the field...where to throw the ball, who is in charge of each area on the field, throwing the ball instead of just running it everywhere!

I attribute this vast growth in learning to the fabulous coaching. Josh is an assistant coach this season. He near ceases to amaze me with just how patient and loving he is with all the little ones.

It has been very exciting to watch, for both Mama and Andrew's biggest cheerleader, Ainsley!

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Poppy and Gammie said...

Sam is not just bragging about that boy.....he really has a true talent. Poppy & I certainly were blessed to have watched Andrew in prime form playing baseball. I hope people didn't get tired of hearing "that was our grandson" but it was very hard to keep quiet!! We love you Andrew!!